Understand & Treat SM (DVD)

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Full Title: Understanding & Treating Selective Mutism 

Presenter: Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum

Our biggest DVD is this 4 Disc Set:

With more than 6 hrs of conference video this DVD includes sinced slides (‘Watch and listen to Dr. E; It’s like being at the conference!’), audio files of the conference (‘I can listen in the car!’), handouts, strategy charts, and ‘Extra Videos’ (including interview and Q&A).

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This DVD is a 4 Disc set:
6 hrs of conference video with sinced slides (‘Watch and listen to Dr. E; It’s like being at the conference!’), audio files of the conference (‘I can listen in the car!’), handouts, strategy charts, ‘Extra Videos’ including 1 hr audience interview with Sophie, Dr. E’s 14 yr old daughter who overcame SM!’  Read what past conference attendees say!

Topics include:
Disc 1   Understanding Selective Mutism:….Selective Mutism is more than not speaking!
• Let’s Talk; What Exactly is Selective Mutism?
• What Causes Selective Mutism?
• Pressure vs. Enabling; Seesaw Phenomenon!
• Timidity Umbrella: Implications to Selective Mutism
• Speech Phobia & SM: The Loose Noodle Syndrome!
• Social Communication Bridge and Stages of Social Communication ©
• Evaluation/Assessment of the Child/Teen with Selective Mutism
• Social Communication Anxiety Inventory (SCAI) to Assess!
• You Know the Child has SM, WHY Evaluate?
• Golden Rules for Evaluating
• Speech & Language and the Role of the SLP in Evaluation!
• Parents and Siblings and Their Roles in the Evaluation

Disc 2: Treatment of Selective Mutism; Lowering Anxiety is NOT ENOUGH!
• Treatment via Social Communication Anxiety Therapy (SCAT))
• Critical First Steps in Treatment
• HOW Presentation & Treatment Changes Thru the Ages
• Key Aspects NOT to be Ignored. I.e. Sensory Processing!
• Treatment Strategies Based on Social Communication Level
–Ritual Sound Approach, Trophy games, Interview-based games,
• Medication & Alternative Therapies

Disc 3- Selective Mutism Within the School Setting
• Approach to the SILENT Child/Teen Within School
• The Meeting: Team Approach to the Silent Child/Teen
• Role of Both the School & Outside Professional
• Purpose of School Accommodations/Interventions
• When to Consider an Evaluation for an IEP or 504 Plan?
• Which Plan is Best? An IEP? 504? Or NO Plan?
• IEP Testing: HOW to Assess to Assure Accurate Results
• How Plans Differ Across the Ages! Preschool->College
• Guidelines to Planning/Meeting the Child’s Unique Needs
• Designing Specific Accommodations/Interventions
• Speech and Language; Importance of Social Pragmatics
• Social Skills vs. Social Comfort; Important to Differentiate!
• Challenges Within the School Setting
• Setting Realistic Goals (it is not about ‘just speaking’!)
• Case Study Reviews/Question/Answer Session

Disc 4: Includes PDFs of handouts/goals/charts; Videos (including an audience interview) 

• Includes PDFs of relevant handouts/goals/charts that were mentioned during the presentation;

• Videos including an audience interview with Sophie, a 14 yr old who overcame SM!



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