Parenting Support

Parenting Support


This webinar provides a discussion around the emotional tolls taken on parents or guardians during the information seeking phase, confirmation of diagnosis, and during treatment. You’ll also learn to recognize triggers and discover ways to receive support so that you can continue to be your child’s best advocate.




Full Title: Parenting Support: When Our Focus is on Helping Our Child with Selective Mutism, Who is Supporting Us?

Presenter: Jennifer Brittingham, M.A.

Parents often experience many emotions when learning their child is having difficulties. There is an emotional toll taken during the information seeking phase, confirmation of diagnosis, and especially during the treatment phase. Emotions such as; denial, worry, resentment, and guilt are quite common. How one parent or family member manages their emotions and expectations of their child or others may be quite different from that of their spouse and in turn we may find ourselves out out of sync in more ways than one. Join in our discussion of these various emotional stages, recognizing our triggers, and ways to receive support so that we can continue to be our child’s best advocate.