Let’s Talk: Tweens & Teens with Selective Mutism Town Hall Meeting

Let’s Talk: Tweens & Teens with Selective Mutism Town Hall Meeting




This two-and-a-half hour virtual “town meeting” with Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum (“Dr. E”) was recorded live and created to discuss the many questions we receive about treating tweens and teens with Selective Mutism. Parents, caretakers, teachers, and treatment professionals will benefit from viewing this discussion.

Upon registration for the live event, participants were asked to submit their specific questions for Dr. Shipon-Blum to answer live during the discussion. This was also meant to be an interactive Q/A session as well meaning participants were welcomed and encouraged to ask questions and engage in a back-and-forth discussion with Dr. E throughout the course of the meeting. Topics for discussion include:

  • Adapting treatment for tweens and teens
  • Understanding differences in treatment approach for tweens/teens as compared to younger children
  • Learning ways to increase motivation for tweens/teens to ‘want’ to make progress.
  • Role of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in the treatment of tweens and teens
  • Outlining key exposure opportunities for teens/tweens to allow for progress
  • Learning how parenting dynamics affect treatment
  • Understanding how external and internal motivation affect treatment
  • When to consider using medication and best strategies for medication