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Gold Package


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Our Gold Package: All 6 Books and 3 DVDs/videos

SAVE and ‘Bundle’ ALL 9 of Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s Selective Mutism products (Books and DVDs/videos)!

To find out what’s inside and information on all 6 Books and 3 DVDs/videos… read more in the product description below.

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SAVE and ‘Bundle’ ALL of our Books and DVDs on Selective Mutism!

Our Gold Package: All 6 Books and 3 DVDs/videos

1) Understanding & Treating Selective Mutism. 6 hour DVD.

This is a 4 disc set: 6 hrs of conference video with sinced slides (‘Watch and listen to Dr. E; It’s like being at the conference!’), audio files of the conference (‘I can listen in the car!’), handouts, strategy charts,‘Extra Videos’, and more! Disc 1 explains that Selective Mutism is more than not speaking! Disc 2 talks about the treatment of Selective Mutism and how it is more than just lowering anxiety. Disc 3 discusses Selective Mutism within the school setting and Disc 4 includes PDFs of handouts/goal/charts; videos (including an audience interview)read more HERE.

2) Unspoken Words (Paperback). 72 pages.

Sophia, Dr. E’s daughter, wrote this book to help others understand.  The book begins with a letter to children helping them to know they are not alone and others feel as they do… The book also includes a letter to parents, professionals and teachers reading the book as well.  The bulk of the book includes well-written and insightful sayings that children mayread more HERE.

3) Summer and Back to School Guide (Paperback). 80 pages.

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s book, ‘The Selective Mutism Summer Vacation and Back-To-School Guide; Recommendations and Strategies for Building Social Communication Skills’  is an excellent resource for parents, educators, therapists and others who spend time with a child with Selective Mutism. This 80-page book is beautifully designed with… read more HERE.

4) Easting School Jitters (Paperback).

Dr. E’s third edition guide book, “Easing School Jitters for the Selectively Mute Child” is a down-to-earth informational book that will provide advice in an entertaining manner. Every colorful page is filled with facts, helpful ideas, reasons that Selectively Mute Children feel the way they do, and an interactive section where parents can work with children to help them list, draw and write about the things that make them feel good about themselves and see the positive aspects of school. The final chapter of the book is anread more HERE.

5) Ideal Classroom Setting (Paperback).

Dr. E’s second edition of The Ideal Classroom Setting for the Selectively Mute Child is a wonderfully informative guidebook that will provide parents, teachers, and treating professionals with the advice necessary to understand the needs of a child with Selective Mutism in the school setting. The second edition of Ideal Classroom is an updatedread more HERE.

6) Medication in the Treatment of SM. Webinar

The use of medication can be a helpful component in the treatment of Selective Mutism (SM) and other anxiety disorders. Although never meant as a cure, medication can be an effective adjunct to psychotherapy, to aid in lowering anxiety, so that a child can develop long-term coping skills needed to combat anxious feelings and progress into speech. The use of medication is not an easy decision for many parents, who … read more here!

7) Understanding Katie (Paperback).

Understanding Katie is a beautiful and engaging picture/storybook detailing a day in the life of Katie, a child with Selective Mutism. Through her experiences at home and school on a typical school day, readers gain insight into the everyday struggles and triumphs of children with SM… read more HERE.

8) Supplement Guide to Understanding Katie (Paperback).

This supplement guide is to help others understand Katie’s feelings, explain Katie’s actions, and to introduce tactics/techniques for parents, teachers and treating professionals that can be used in order to help and offer support to a child with SM in times of stress and frustration.  By reading ‘Understanding Katie,’ adults involvedread more HERE.

9) Helping the Child/Teen Cope & Communicate in the Real World 1.25 hours

This is a recorded webinar presentation by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum. School is not the only setting that is difficult for the child/teen with Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety Disorder. Socializing & communicating in public settings can be anxiety provoking and/or challenging for our children/teens.  To help the child suffering in silence, parents, professionals and educators need to understand that children/teens with SM often have difficulty communicating nonverbally. Some may ‘whisper’ thru a parent or make sounds and some may shut down and therefore, not communicate at all when they sense an expectation for speech and communication. In addition, social comfort and communication will vary depending on the setting and individuals present in that setting.