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About The SMart Mart

The dozens of products you see throughout this site have been hand chosen and carefully picked from the SMart Center. We have worked hard to put together a wide range of books, DVD’s, and communication products to help your child feel comfortable and communicate more effectively. Feel free to browse around and don’t hesitate to contact our front desk with any questions!

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About The SMart Center
International expert Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum (Dr. E) and her dedicated Support and Research staff provide a comprehensive center for families and children that addresses the needs of the child/teen with Selective Mutism.

Social Communication Anxiety Treatment® or (S-CAT)® is the evidenced-based treatment program that Dr. Shipon-Blum developed from her work with over 5000 children worldwide.

Presently, the SMart Center is the only treatment facility in the world that offers Dr. Shipon-Blum’s S-CAT® Program.

Since few professionals/educators truly understand Selective Mutism, our children are frequently misdiagnosed, mismanaged and misunderstood.

The SMart Center gives our children a place to feel safe and at home. The Center allows our children to feel comfortable where others understand.

Because we see our children the correct way, we are able to provide accurate evaluations and testing results to make the necessary treatment recommendations for at home, within the school environment as well as the real world.

The SMart Center also offers an array of products and services  and performs ongoing events for parents, treating professionals, researchers and educators to help educate and promote the awareness and understanding of Selective Mutism. Sign up for our newsletter for all the latest information.


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